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 I woke up this morning to a gray sky. It appears it has rained or is about to rain. I look to my left of the bed and see the medication counter. There is one that I must take each morning. By skipping this daily pill, the gray reflected in the sky will also dominate my landscape. It helps me control my mood swings. As the saying has it. Perhaps if I take my dose today, I will feel a bit better. My mind has also been infiltrated by the dim energy that is reflected in the weather outside. It is difficult to explain how we wake up after sleeping feeling this way. Overnight rest is supposed to do the opposite, which is to re-energize you for the day that has just begun. This is not the case. As I look up at the sky and marvel at creation and its white clouds contrasting against the darker background, my brain continues to do what it knows best. I can only explain it as if a slideshow suddenly plays throughout my consciousness. As a result, it takes precedence over any improvisation or per

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