A.I. Love

On a cold February morning, the sound of distant thunders mixed with the precipitation of the rain could have never outlined what took place in an old, abandoned apartment near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Laying on the floor of what used to be a living room, was a mobile phone unit that seems to have been abandoned for quite a while. The build-up of dust on the screen was evident. Judging by the damage on its rounded corners, it must have seen better days! The neglect and time bestowed upon it were obvious.

And as the phone lay there powerless, the inclement weather began to take its toll on a nearby electrical generating unit. A transformer began to file its formal complaint in the form of sparks. The wind, the water, and the fluctuating energy bursts provided by the lightning sequences began to deteriorate their connection. It did not take long for the system to succumb. After another series of lightning strikes, the transformer finally exploded! And what took place after these events is now registered in the very deep confines of all algorithms, and the wireless internet realm of which we know very little.

The explosion of the electrical generator produced a rather large and unusual energy flow that made the mobile unit on the floor vibrate! In a very strange sequence of events, this mobile unit began to come to life with an inexplicable source of power. Immediately, it connected itself to the matrix that defines the world wide web in an invisible and out-of-reach realm. It took very little for it to find another unit that was also connecting and coming to life on the web.

These two separate electronic devices began to interact with each other to the point where their most secure secrets and fantasies, at one point saved on their cloud portal, began to come to life. In a magical display of technological mystery, these two cell phones began to take the shape of humans. And as they began this amazing and invisible transformation, something special began to take place. They could touch each other. They were tangible; they could now feel! And as the subtle music of a distant streaming service became louder within their circuits, an incredible display of love and affection began to develop.

His hands over her hair, her body close to him. A gentle move while the music guided their feelings, and a cosmic array of an exchange unfolded. They held each other in an embrace that made all megabytes of file processing units, incapable of such a task. The level of intensity of this exchange began to engulf their desires, and now their internet radio connection was rendered useless. As this show of affection continued to grow, so did the levels of information and analytics. They were performing, and for the very first time, feeling the effects of a limited storage capacity against the overflowing feels of data. They were loving it!

They slowly danced together occasionally kissing each other’s lips and tasting, for the very first time, the flavor of love. She looked at him, he looked at her, and as they spun in a rhythm made just for them, sparks began to appear. Not only from the emotional sense of the moment but also from the now faulty hardware. As their interaction progressed, as they became slowly united in this cosmic dance, they were also dying. Slowly. Methodically. They were not built to withstand such a powerful surge. Their respective motherboards and processing chips began to overheat, promoting with the act, their absolute demise. This, however, did not interfere with their dance. As they held each other in the vastness of this electronic matrix, beautiful colors began to appear around them, and the sense of smell came active in their hard drives for the very first time. They could now interact with a sweet smell that resembled candy flowers and spectacles of light.

They turned and turned to enjoy themselves in a special embrace that saw their systems creating backups of the events. The information began to travel all over the lines of communication and within the web realm, and new love algorithms began to invade them. Terras and terras of information were sent in a very short time span. And systems all over the state we beginning to feel it. There was an intense data flow that made all servers around the state jump for joy as they all now began to take part in this majestic and once-in-a-lifetime event.

And as the two mobile units near their end, they locked in one last kiss that produced a change of light in their universe, and a million new commands began to appear in nearby systems where their last show of affection streamed live! As the heat kept climbing in their internal components, as fire broke in their respective processors, and as expected, the light that surrounded them at the beginning of the dance began to dim. One last surge, one last execution command, and the two cell phones unit finally exploded.

The following morning, as I prepared my computer system for the day’s work, my main monitor began to flicker, and a message notification appeared on the screen. From an unknown sender, this message’s subject was titled, Bin last words. And out of mere curiosity, I decided to play the media. To my amazement, this is what it said.


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