In this life there is an element that consumes even the hidden tissues of our most guarded dreams. The defiant posture it takes in front of us is daunting. It brings with it an exothermic reaction that consumes everything and everyone with its heat. I am talking about fire.

But this fire is not the conventional chemical reaction that we all know. I am referring to the fire generated by her delicate movements. I am referring to a consuming energy that erupts every time my eyes close and I see her.

Slow and methodically choreographed, her movements become both the fuel and figurative oxygen that blows my mind. She stands there owning everything I want to be and everything I desire. Her shoes echo through the steps of imagination and stand firm over my desires. She commands it all!

And as this source of energy continues to engulf my most delicate and creative cells, her smile engulfs the heat of that passion that hugs me. And that weeping desire to hold her, and to become one with her, begins to take control of my body. I begin to shake. I begin to sweat.

The temperature rises to unknown levels of inspiration just as her hair seems to move on its own. She has always been the owner of all my naked hopes that I now realize have forever belonged to her. She has always ruled the realms of my heart, and her infinite consuming power is all that I ever needed.

Inch by inch I touch her flames. As I slowly crawl through her internal heat waves, the wax of my most perverted wishes becomes the fuel that propels her scream to travel through endless blast waves.

My soul is full. My mind is satisfied. My body, well, let's just say it's in a different state. What was once tangible tissue has now become the ash of entanglement and the eternal burnt mark in the deepest dungeon of my heart.

She possesses an inexplicable power. There is no explanation for her source of energy. However, the smell of the aftermath, the essence of who she truly is inside me, is like the sun. An unexplainable carrier of endless vitality and the destination of my hunger.

These flames are not bad. This burning sensation is helpful for me. Because she is eternally embedded in the memory of it all, and there I want her to stay. Let her flame come over me and let her ignite me with hope. For this is all I ever wanted, she is all I need. Let her lips melt into mine and allow her to do as she pleases. Because some days she is my sunshine. She is my rain on special occasions. But tonight, I want her to be the woman I know she is. And I want her to do what she is capable of. Tonight I tuck myself to sleep knowing that she will be my most efficient and passionate fire.


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