I remember those days. They are as alive in my memories as the heart is to my pulse. It’s quite impossible to forget her posture. Always wearing the perfect clothing and blessing the world with her unique smile. Lips that were condensed, but bulky. A perfectly shaped part of her anatomy that could make my heart want to stay with it for an eternity. Her eyes. They radiated the reflection of light upon the most beautiful black background any sight may see! Eyelashes that seem to tickle my soul, and her perfectly straight hair smelled like love.

I could not stop staring at the gorgeous pigmentation of her skin. It seemed as soft as I could ever imagine, and I can only assume that the rest of her body was as well. She had tiny feet. Perfectly shaped toes with the capacity to seduce on their own and with the intricate power to walk all over my feelings. Her legs; were unscarred, smooth, and shaped as if to be capable of hugging like her gorgeous arms. Her hands knew it all. Small, delicate, but with evidence of how precious time had been to them, and graciously they aged.

My heart melted at the sight of her smile. It seemed curious to me that even at a considerable distance, I could feel its warmth. It was as if she had the mystic power to invade my space and dominate me at her own will. I can still remember the way she smelled. A very subtle cologne, that like her, said a lot without having to say much. Every head turned to see her, every eye gazed upon her presence. Her feminine magnificence ruled the soiled she walked on. And quite impressively, she suddenly became royalty…a queen with her won aura.

I never understood why, but every single time we locked eye-to-eye in the middle of a conversation, I had to look away! I could not bear to face the power of her presence and the dominion she had over my thoughts. I had plenty of them, but she never knew about them. She could only wonder in curiosity where exactly my introversion ended, and where the man that she was slowly waking up began. I wanted her. I wanted to be one with her. And these thoughts were abundantly possessive. I could not gather enough strength to eradicate them from my head. I lacked experience. I had never been on grounds like these before. This was all too new to a heart like mine.

But I pictured her in my arms. Locked with my lips in an eternal embrace. Building a monument of pure passion, and declaring with each orgasmic scream, how much we both belonged to one another. I saw us together riding the nights until sunlight incapable of letting each other go. I saw plenty of images created by the glaring colors of our sweat, which gradually began to embrace us both in a cosmic union of pure love and energy. I could hear her! I could hear her voice declaring truce through the momentous wave of passion that overwhelmed her, and with the lack of breathing air that suddenly found us.

I felt everything. It seemed so real! But without warning, without any consideration to the delicacy of these images, the sound of the door interrupted my imagination, and the alternate universe by which we were both becoming one and a part of, dissipated back to reality. And I heard the gentle voice of a man behind me saying…

No physical impact in this world could ever compare to that of the emotional one. No one can prepare the soul of a man to drastically walk away from such a universe, but I had no choice. Behind me stood the representation of reality itself in the shape of a man. But he was no ordinary man, in my realm, he signified way more. You see, what you need to understand is that I found myself powerless to free her from my mind. I didn’t want to let her go, but I did not belong there. She did not belong to me. And then, I greeted the man and saw them kiss, while I made sure that my feelings were kept hidden. He was her husband, and as it pertained to myself, her, and everything I had imagined while we spoke before, remain the same. They had all, from the very beginning, been completely and absolutely forbidden.




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