Life is a masterpiece in the gallery of the universe. There are no words that could possibly define its deepest context. From the invisible power of the wind to the healing and tangible attributes of the water, life revolves inside everything and surrounds us all with her splendid unpredictability.

As all things living, life too has its ups and downs. Not everything is sparkly. Not everything is smooth. There are times when the soul of men encounters the sour taste of pain and desolation. That same one that may rise from places we once considered safe; that place where we thought to be unreachable.

These places are often dark and cold. The heart feels immediate disorientation as he faces a lack of direction and purpose. The lonely heart is a heavy one. The broken one is heavier still. Empty places that were once filled with hope and love, now present themselves as caves where beautiful hearts retreat to hibernate and to recover from a new reality.

Cynicism begins to steer our emotions, and fear stamps its mark in every episode. And so, as the world turn so do the chances in life as well. It is impossible to predict where everything goes, but I heard a bright man once say, “everything is headed somewhere.” The power of life is sometimes misunderstood. It gets even taken for granted as its unlimited grandeur is capable to occasionally surprise us!

Life can sometimes share her allure in a simple gesture. A diminutive sign of interest that may come from mysterious and hard-to-comprehend places. Signs that are so simple, yet remarkably full of power to change everything! And with the course of her simple trajectory, life’s ups and downs can rapidly be diverted and forgotten still, by simply pressing an electronic button that suggests you found something you related to.

That electronic transfer of communication power mimics life’s very own! It sends a signal that travels to every single fiber-optic line across oceans and continents to repair what had been broken. How can something so paltry, achieve so much? Then without warning, you find yourself traveling through these new avenues of light and hope. Life does not explain. She answers to no one. She simply carries her purpose and her deliveries straight to our hearts, and we then determine what do with it. Ultimately, it becomes our call. We decide.

She remembered me this week. Life heard my pleas and turned to my direction. Her message although simple, has been both clear and effective. The light inside the hibernation cave begins to get brighter, and the vision that was once blurred, has now a magnificent panoramic view of new goals. The perfume of promise lingers within. Belief challenges fear for the first time in so many years! And things suddenly change forever.

You hear the words, “I am ready!” And as life has now become a very known companion, we understand to take things slowly, but adhering to that message of optimism very dearly. We do not precipitate ourselves quickly, but rather find a common bond to slowly fly together while holding hands. Oh, but it is worth it!

Leaves continue to fall form the trees. The wind continues to blow, and birds sing as I write, reminding me of how beautiful it can all be! Life does not explain. She answers to no one. But she is also a beautiful thing to hold on to and can provide big surprises. Through her ups and downs we remember how we learn daily, and how we constantly grow. We continue to evolve as new realities begin to reshape us, and we tie-down our shoelaces to avoid another fall.

I feel happy! Life has made me happy by taking the time to ensure that despite of all the sweat, blood and tears shed throughout my journey, I too am deserving of so much more. And so, her light bestowed a ray upon me capable of making me feel again! To ensure that I understand that I too can live and not merely exist. And I love life for that!

“I am scared, but I am also ready!” I hear those words in the wind. I feel its power through my veins! I can understand them, and I can wholeheartedly make them mine. They are in good hands. It did not take much for life’s generosity to develop. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. All I did was to simply be me, and she then changed everything by simply pressing on a button that read LIKE.

Thank you!


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