Chronicles Of The Battles Of My Mind—Time And Opportunity

 The hardest tale to share in this life is that of time. Specially, when its journey complicates the synopsis of opportunities. You see, the dilemma is that sometimes they are in one accord. There are times when they agree with one another. But sometimes, and tragically, they do not.

Suddenly, the glare of sunlight is different. Even the moon becomes grayer, and the uncertainty of the path we walk on, begins to outline despair and fear inside. We fight, we try, we pray, and we also hope however, the struggle turns into a conflict that slowly becomes an undesirable war.

Desperately we attempt to focus our view, because sadly, our eyes simply refuse to concentrate. Our site becomes dangerously distorted. We are unable to split random sequences of thoughts and illusions. We feel our path becomes muddy between our toes as we move forward. And we also taste a hint of salt in the rain that has now begun to fall.

The tale of time and opportunity resembles a double edge sword. It is a landscape of unpredictable desires that engulf us all in fire once we try to decipher them. They turn into a land of hostility and ambition. They morph into a hidden fertile terrain for solutions—whatever these may be!

We all shake, we breathe, and we also must scream! Before a rose becomes a full-grown flower, she is a beautiful cocoon of inspiration ready to bloom, but inevitably, time begin to strip her out of her petals while adding painful thorns to protect her. Another clear display of our incapacity within this rationale.

Opportunity is as relentless. She begins to offer upon our needs and feeds off our dreams. She sits in the middle of sanity and madness. She stands awfully close to every “yes” and every “no”. Evil is randomly bestowed upon her when we she sometimes answers us with a heartless “maybe”. Opportunity is comprised of countless codes and puzzles that are at times, simply impossible to solve. Dilemmas that become unresolved issues inside hearts that now beat in disillusion.

When these two dimensions coexist within a decision-making process, the whole universe stands still. Stars begin to shine differently, and galaxies spin in the opposite direction.

We rise believing, but then lay down feeling clueless. We feel as we have a story to write about, only to realize that the lights have now dimmed, exposing the vulnerability of our souls. There is nothing to share. Hearts melt. Thoughts have been neutered. Time and opportunity are together in a cautionary tale reminding us all that things are sometimes not as we think they are, and that perhaps, they will never be the way we want them to be. 

Windows and doors open as the wind makes its way in. Birds sing and the heart begins to tickle. You stand still, confidently, but cautiously. You now steer your emotions north, willing to let the situation unfold. Life seems well. Life feels particularly good! It is another day bringing another chance. Another way to experience this journey amid unpredictability, and another shot for more time and opportunities.


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