My Favorite Moment

 I have a favorite moment during the evening, right before I fall asleep. And that event happens precisely when I lay my head to rest on that cozy-cold pillow of mine. It is the moment in which my head looks for a comfortable spot somewhere over the feathers that shape it. It is in that time when I pulled the comforter and blankets over my body, shielding it from the direct hit of the cold air. But it is not in these rare commodities where I find a complete scape, but rather when my mind paints memories and delightful events that have become impossible for me to forget.

In between these is her. I remember everything. I have never forgotten any details about her. The truth is that I find myself unable to do it. She has become an eternal emotional stamp that happens to have a face and a body. The very one that communicates with an angelic voice, and a pair of eyes that can melt the thickest of glaciers. She is the very one that visits my thoughts with a beautiful hairstyle, and lips that invite the idea of a never-ending kiss. A short mesmerizing glowing angel that lights up the darkest of nights.

She walks slow, but with such of a refinement that makes it an artform. A walk that not only sustains her being, but also the countless episodes in her life, that have both made her laugh and cry. Her perfectly shaped nose that breathes peace, and exhales hope to the nucleus of my lonely nightmares. And a pair of delicate hands that sustain all the dreams that I have decided to forfeit, and that keep me from collapsing to the floor of hopelessness. She does not do much. She speaks very scarcely as well, but when she does, everything I feel about her makes sense. All my initial assessments continue to validate how much she is worth.

She is like a flower that lives to her own waterflow, and that produces enough light on her own to keep herself from darkness. A wingless angel among us, and that very few get to see.

I see her smile at this time of night. I hear her voice when I move on my pillow. I remember the smell of her hair, and the half-made smile she makes that holds on to my heart with a tight grip. I have listened to her stories, and I have witnessed her tears, but none of these compares to the resolute beating of her heart, and the courage that controls every situation she may find herself in. She defies all odds. I cannot compare her to anyone. She is unique, and she makes me feel lucky to realize that. I know not much about love. In fact, I have been a disaster at trying to figure it out. But if there is someone on earth that could possibly represent everything it stands for; I have no doubt in my mind that it is her.     

 I have a favorite moment during the evening, right before I fall asleep. And it is comprised of all the memories that God had allowed me to experience and learn from. It is also built by the people He has allowed me to encounter, and whom I hold dearly close to my heart. I wholeheartedly believe that I have been shaped by the time each of them had spent with me, and by allowing me to see the riches of their very own existence. I can name many, but none of them is like hers. And that alone, makes me breathe easier, dream better, and cry better tasting tears. I love her.

God bless you always…wherever you may be.


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