Chronicles Of The Battles Of My Mind—The Fight

The swing of the tree branches standing against the wind sometimes calls enough attention to the minimum of my senses. Their unavailing attempt to discreetly defy this force of nature is a thing to admire. And there is where the essence of who I am lies.

I suddenly become one of these branches in a futile bid to forget what I feel and essentially, how I got here. For there is no advantageous drug that could possibly outline the steps to grasp the pain that is created from the inside-out.

A life that is lived in a constant pain is a defiantly stubborn one. And this is because there is an inevitable strive to succeed in forgetting the reality of existence, versus the optimistic views of the possibilities. This cosmic mental battle turns into the acknowledgment of it all.And this becomes all too real, when around me there is a conglomerate of beautiful and divine souls that feel the same.

Things were, but now they are not. Time moved, but now it stays still. Emotions that once flowed are now embraced by the warm and subtle protection of constriction. The pain of the heart excursions to the body’s gravitational realm, and there it becomes not only stronger, but also visible.

There is however the desire to achieve…to accomplish! And day and night, I fight, we fight! And only those who have been in such of a dark place can possibly appreciate the alluring sight of the light. Those who have shed tears of pain do not take tears the of joy for granted. For they are the only reminders that beneath the borders of this mental struggle, lie the fields of a grandeur spectacle.

The one without tears, and without pain. The only place where steps are measured by height and not by distance. The very realm where we fly instead of walking. This is the only place where we do not only exist, but the place where we feel like we are also living. The night is always darker before sunrise. And that is why we move forward. That is why I keep moving forward. This is the force that really makes sense. We fight because we can. We fight because we desire this, and because despite of it all, and like the tree branches that defy the strong winds of the day, we too want to feel alive!

Let us make this happen!


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