Chronicles Of The Battles Of My Mind—Emotional Dissecting

I am pretty sure there is always a reason for them to be around. They are persistent and resilient even. Tears however, seem to speak to us somehow. They carry intricate news, whether they are good or bad; whether these are in perfect timing or inconveniently out of place. They are with no doubt always present.

I decided to follow them for a while. I decided to enter each and every track until I could be certain of a pattern or at least a common purpose for a plan. What I found in the middle of this quest nevertheless, was not encouraging. Tears carry way more than just time, places and stories. Tears are able to engulf every single thread of emotional stance we thought we once knew.

They possess an uncanny power to deliver energy to a heartbeat, to the creation of sighs and so many unrealized dreams. They tend to aim inwards and expose the reality from an internal perspective. They are able to dig deeper within the soul of men. This is where darkness finally finds the light, and where our hidden treasures of disillusion rise from painful undiscovered depths. The chest begins to grow, the blood pressure spikes, and life itself seems to gradually and slowly die.

Air is removed from the lungs. The brain begins to feel the deprivation of the much needed oxygen levels, and the emotional chaos witnesses its genesis. This is known as the emotional dissection that can either construct or destroy. Inside the spam on only one second there is control and lucidity, but over the next, there is a sense of an overwhelming uncertainty and pain. Basically, you can’t breathe, and you are then unable to think. Rationale then meets unconsciousness.

My tears carry a lot! They hold on to so many answered questions, so many unsolicited memories and, oh so much thinking! Thread by thread this hemisphere of vast body composition collapses in time and space, and tears insist to surprise with the cameo appearances and without invitation. They even arrive without the courtesy of a warning.

There are open roads ahead. There are plenty of miles of road ahead waiting to be walked on. We in the meantime, continue to crawl, walk and eventually run. The end however, remains the same: my heartbeat and its everlasting echo persist while emotions continue to be shaped. Rationality is now defined by hope, and hope transforms the tear into a half-formed smile.

I am pretty sure there is always a reason for them to be around. They are persistent and resilient even. Tears however, have only one thing in their minds: their relentless and defiant presence, wanted or unwanted, in the middle of my very own emotional dissecting!


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