As a kid my father used to tell me folklore stories about the Three Kings. Biblical historical
facts link them to the birth of the upcoming King and Liberator, the Messiah. And even as the stories were all too fascinating to me, even more fulfilling and hopeful was to see their mark up in the heavens. These were three particular and much aligned stars that seemed to have a brand new message every Christmas. Their shiny glow outdid every start yearly, and the enchantment behind their story even made them look as if they got closer to one another. I never thought that kind of feeling would last up to adulthood…I never thought I could relive that deep breath of hope, and that smile that could even foresee greater things to come.

I found such a star in a middle of a prayer one morning. A particular petition for a seemingly quiet and beautiful soul that every once in a while, would pass by me at church with her family. I knew nothing about her, I didn’t even know her name, but the glow and the shiny outline of her being made me pay closer attention to her. Blue was the color of her dress, and her beige colored high-heel shoes made her look impressively towering! She looked as if she was cautiously observing life from above, and we happened to participate from such a blessing. I never thought that my constant intercession for her would revive old feelings; never would’ve I imagined that those innocent and childlike emotions would once again surface, but they did!

I began to see her deeply, and I began to understand her silence. I once stood in front of the ocean in prayer for her, and a majestic rock in the middle of the water took upon her shape, and the waves crashing against it, represented the beautiful shape of her face when she shares her timid smile. Her soothing and angelic voice was carried by the wind, and only God could hold my heart inside my chest, as tears of joy would want to rip it out of such cavity! I could count every hair on her head, I could see which nail on her hand was longer than others, and I could immerse myself in her loud-speaking eyes. Progressively, something amazing began to happen, something that to this day, I still hold dear to my heart: I began to feel her pain. I began to feel what she felt, and the connection with her that this brought to my life, I knew then, as I mostly agree now, would be something different.

As a kid I made a connection with the stars of the Three Kings, but as an adult, I made my own discovery. I have my own star, I have my own inner child-like bright light to stare and to pray for, and I have now the ultimate spark of a heartbeat that would forever spell her name. A time, stain resistant tattoo that would satisfy my grandest of dreams! I am not sure how the things of the heart entirely work. I do not profess to be an expert in the subject, but something out worldly happens when you begin to feel and to really see somebody. Something abnormal happens to a soul like mines that will forever change things, and that would make anyone think about God, his Spirit, and His way of teaching. I thought I had loved before…but, I strongly agree to disagree. Ever since I made this beautiful star a focus of my prayers and attention, my life changed…forever. I know now what love is all about.

I have come to appreciate life more, and to recognize God’s unbelievable providence with me. He has given me so much through this experience that I don’t think I could even explain anyone. I believe it’s impossible. This star of mine, like the Three Kings above in the sky is also distant, and the marvels that I can account for in my soul are but just a fragment of a lucid soul that will forever be thankful and humbled. I wished I could touch her many times, I had hoped for my proximity to her gravitational galaxy of feelings, but sometimes your journey can be short, and perhaps, there are deeper lessons to be learned. I stare up in the sky every morning in prayer just to see her, just to feel what she feels, and to feel what she can only make me feel. I am thankful for her; I love her so, so much!

Some life experiences vanish daily. Some people may end up being forgotten in the bricks of time, and some will never look at the stars again, but there are a few lucky men like me that get to have a spark of the eternal, a glow of inner things…an idea of what life is truly about. She’s still suspended up in the galaxy of my heart. Her stand in the middle of this vast space makes it all worth it, makes it all too special! As I travel in this time and space like a man still thriving like a kid, I still feel butterflies at her sight…I still linger in the warmth of her space, I still dream of her embrace…she’s unique, she’s special. She changed me forever. And I thank her for it.

It doesn’t matter if my sight is aligned with the space rotation, it matters not if it’s cloudy and my line of sight forbids me to see her, I know now that she is now a part of me...she will forever be, and I can’t be much happier than that! Some things die as we grow up. Innocence is tarnished and we contaminate hope with the pessimism of adulthood. We grow up and eliminate dreams, desires and goals. I have done that. But I refuse to let go of her, I will not, for as long as I live forsake her, and I will never destroy the enchantment that her life brought to mine, no matter how far she may seem to be…her and her family are now my own galaxy; the stars by which I measure distance and love…the lights by which I would adhere to hope daily.

Some stars collide, some explode in emotional cataclysms in space, but mine is different…mine will shine forever, mine is unique…mine is eternal.


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