A written Voice

It was one of those days. The ever existing contradiction of seeing the sun waving goodbye for the day, while the laboring hours remain seemingly the same. It is as though time tricks the mind into believing that we are close to end of one more day, when the reality is exactly the opposite. There's much to be done, there's still some much ground to cover!

The clicking sound of my keyboard regain its tendency to get louder as the afternoon grows older, and the computer monitor turns into an imaginary pair of hands that begin caressing my exhausted and teary eyes. In an effort to stay afloat and awake during this rush of duty, I stood up and stared out the window to look into nature and the distant highway...and then she surprised me making her presence known!

A beautifully shy yet inquisitive butterfly that maintained its flight directly in front of me as if studying and deciphering my train of thoughts. She winged left and right in an almost dancing routine that designed a smile on may face. I began to talk to her, but she could hear me. I could see her efforts to communicate as well, but we had no success whatsoever. She moved and grinned...and then, something special began to unfold.

She began to to tap her wings gently against the window, and little did I expect that the action would generate words...my new and beautiful friend began to write! This large window that normally exposed me to the sight of nature and the beauty of the field outside, became a communication portal as we began to write to one another.

Small residue was laid upon the glass as she kept communicating, lighting up hidden and secluded sensations from within. She upheld that same rhythm of joy and ecstasy as each and every word sent from her, outlined a brand new contour of expression and glitter. Every message, every word meant more than what it carried. There were tons of inevitable canvases with her words in which every possible work of art could be placed upon, and graciously shared to the world.

Every single sentence described the roughness of the road left behind already, while measuring the one one still waiting ahead. Every letter formed the shape of a life that recognizes where there is a shadow, there is also a light! Every move, every smile, every flap of her wings created an imaginary voice in my head...and an echo in my heart. I wish I could hear her. Oh, how I wished to know the sound of her wings tapping!

And, as soon as that thought occupied my mind, she suddenly stopped. Her now deeper and inquisitive look rested heavily upon me, and as she stared deeply into my eyes, she blessed me one more time with her angelic smile. I looked at the distance and I understood. It had begun raining. Small yet gentle drops of rain began to fall, and she was inevitably in need of shelter. She tapped the window one last time, and amazed me as she spelled the word "time".

My computer screen went blac
k, giving me a sense of an alert that the time spent with her had been quite long, and it was time for me to move back as well. I waived her goodbye, and she spun three consecutive times with a big and contagious smile! But, I understood that this is not the time she was referring to, but rather a whole different plateau of surprises, opportunities and blessings yet to be held. She began her slow departure flight leaving me so much fuller, so much thankful!

I wish I could have heard her speak, I wish I could have been left with the memory of the sound of her heart. But, sometimes sound can be carried in many different ways...including a gentle tapping from a beautiful butterfly's wing. Sometimes all the sound you need is the one coming from within as you read what God is preparing for us. It is possible to have many different voices, many diverse sounds of life and hope than can be shared through a dreamed voice, and imaginary voice...even in time you can even be blessed with sound of a written voice!


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