A Fathers Day Lesson

Mark Twain once 
said : “I do not let schooling interfere with my education.” This certainly brings light to much of what we do! In a sense, it’s not really about what we could possibly achieve by intellect or from the pages of a well written book; it’s what we can process and put into practice what we make ours and what we learn. In my opinion, it’s all about using the very useful tool called: common sense. Nothing from a limited human structure could possibly define what we are capable of. In life sometimes our experiences, failures, and achievements contribute much more to our learning living process than a Psychology class or an organizational behavior seminar.

I reflect a lot in the person that I have been, and the person that I am in a day like today. I can’t simply remember when was the last Father’s Day I had inside a structured core of a family. It’s been way too long! I do not know what it feels like anymore…I truly miss the feeling. I miss my kids being around me. But what I have had to face, accept, endure and deal with has become not my schooling, but rather my education. I have learned a lot from it all. I have come to see more than I ever had…In a sense, it has made me a new man, a new human being. I treasure the smallest of things, and take nothing for granted anymore. I joyfully face the sunrise everyday knowing that everything is going to be OK.

In this process of educating my soul nobody has been so helpful to me than Him, the one they call Jesus. I have hung to his robes in my daily walks; I have ran behind his very steps. I have begged for his attention. I have not been perfect in anything I have done, and my mistakes can surely overtake any of my few achievements, but when everybody turned their backs on me, I began taking lessons from the best Theologian in the universe. My education took on a whole new level, and I began to see for the first time. It’s not about me, or who have I thought to be…it’s about what I am through Him! This is about the endless joyous possibilities of his everlasting acceptance and grace that can transform this imperfect man, to a glorified soul.

I’d like to have another way of celebrating a day like today, and I will lie if I do not admit feeling some sort of sadness in my heart this afternoon. But, I surely will not disparage what I have in front of my eyes today. A bigger family in Christ, new friends, support even from abroad, love, desire, and hope…plenty of hope! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, nothing to feel sorry for. I have not gone to school in the walks of my life; I have certainly being educated by the Son of God…the best Father of them all!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you! Enjoy your blessings, enjoy your families. Be grateful for it all! You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone. Do not let schooling interfere with your education, and do your family a favor: seek Him, seek Jesus’ wisdom and counseling…it’s the only thing that will make you who you need to be. He’s the only one that will make sense of it all, as he heals the very essence of your soul. Let all the glory, honor and power be His!


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