This Is The Way

This is an article/editorial that I wrote for a Star Wars fan base website.

The year 2020 was a challenge to us all. As the carrier of what the previous year had

brought, we were forcibly adapting to confined spaces in the middle of a pandemic we

knew little or perhaps, nothing about. The course of life as we knew it, and everything

we had embraced as normal, suddenly disappeared. This worldwide change of lifestyle

hit our hearts and minds with an irrevocable new reality.

We began to rediscover hope by getting to know about ourselves a bit more, to venture

into things we had forgotten, and that were so important to us not so long ago. Nothing

is currently being taken for granted. We have learned to appreciate time, space and

moreover, we embrace company! And by this, I mean we have been dealt a situation,

that can literally make or break us. Thankfully, the majority of us have chosen the right

path, and we celebrate life each and every day!

Company, nowadays, comes in an array display of options. Although limitations have

been suggested, and even though it has not been as it once was, we can still see one

another and minimally socialize. Under the blanket of a very cautious approach, we have

been able to feel accompanied once more, and that has been great! However, because of

these sudden changes, many public venues have been forced to limit their services. We

have been forced to not only improvised how to stay sane, but have also irremediably

come back to the very place that had always calmed us down as kids; the television.

And this is precisely where the intent to convey my message and its origin begins. To be

honest, as and adult my time in front of a television set had been non-existent. In

between work and hobbies, I had not dedicated any time to that faithful entertaining

device. Furthermore, there had been but a few productions that invited my attention. The

news of course, had become so tasteless, that I simply avoided them all; at all cost! Little

by little, my 32” had been getting dustier and dustier. That is, until I heard about him.

The one they called, The Child.

Back in the 80s, I was very much into Star Wars. I think every kid my age was! I

remember setting The Empire Strikes Back VHS movie on repeat mode, which allowed

me to even memorize the whole script. I owned the amazing AT-AT action toy set, and

mimicked the moves I saw on screen with it. I must have seen it hundreds of times! Life

was simple back then. Time was easier to digest those days, but there was something

about those galaxies far, far away that made it all better.

In the middle of this pandemic, I too, returned to television. And I did something that I

had never done before. I began to follow TV series. But, I had always been very

selective about the subjects and matters I chose with these. I do not like them all. But it

was the buzz around Hollywood and the Star Wars’ fan base, that got me interested in a

new story line about a relatively unknown mandalorian, in a seemingly western-type

galactic world. Boba Fett came immediately to mind, and because I knew somewhere

down the line these two would probably collide during the storytelling, I definitely had

to watch! Nothing has been the same ever since.

What this series has done to me goes beyond the characters and their respective backstories.

 Some are new. Others we already knew, but now we know even more about

them. The series has taken me beyond understanding the purpose and ramifications of

Order 66 as it relates to the character that has changed my life. The Child, became to me

in 2020, the beacon of interest within the desire to break free from our relentless new

reality. It was with his sense of urgency and rightful commitment—sustained by the

loyalty of his words—that the mando, Din Djarin, carried me through the year. During

his quest to not only protect, but to also to deliver the child to one of his kind, the

mandalorian reminded me of how simple the purpose of life can become, when we

decide to focus not on our ourselves, but rather in the interests and the well-being of


As I progressed into the story—which at that point had already captivated me—I learned

the child’s name. This fifty year old precious foundling was named Grogu. And that was

it! Now the vision I had from inside of one these galaxies far away inside my

consciousness, began to get clearer. The Mandalorian had become more than just just a

simple made-for-television series. Grogu, now embedded in my heart, took control of

my attention. And in the same fashion, he made forget about everything that had been

happening around me. His silly noises as he tried to communicate, transformed into a

guaranteed-faithful smile on my face. Every time he collapsed under the effects of a

powerful Force surge, gave me more energy to supply my thoughts with new horizons. I

missed him on episodes he was not present. Notwithstanding, I became as loyal to the

series as much as Mando was to his mission.

The year 2020 brought us unsuspected and never imagined challenges. With so many

lives lost and mandated changes all around us, we all felt the need to escape from it all. I

remember watching videos online from people serenading others with music from

opened balconies around the world. Music solos from guitars, saxophones and some of

the most beautiful voices I have heard, gave us that sense of hope and freedom. We

somehow felt liberated and filled with new ways of feeling, and reformed ways of

thinking. I would have never imagined that in my case, these feelings would come from

a small creature inside the Star Wars universe.

A child that could barely speak, and that can easily vomit on you when eating too many

blue macarons in motion. A young one that can sneak away from you to feast on eggs

from an endangered galactic species. A kid that can absorb plenty of fear and

uncertainty, yet innocently exposing them all with an unconditional love and gratitude. A

minute foundling that can say so much, without even speaking a single word. He helped

me cope. He helped understand. If there is something that I got form The Mandalorian

TV series in 2020 is this; there is so much more when we see and care about each other,

than when we simply wonder off bearing a confused and lonely mind. It can bring at the

end, even the strongest of mandalorians, to tears. May the force be with you. This is the



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